How Dorset Can Save On Home Appliances And Energy Consumption

Energy bills are one of the highest monthly expenses in the UK, with an average family paying £1,249 annually and prices set to increase. Cutting your energy consumption and becoming more self-sufficient can help to reduce bills. Renewable energy provisions in Dorset are currently poor, but there is great potential. Individuals need to take responsibility too, such as installing solar panels, buying energy efficient appliances and turning them off when they’re not being used.

Save Money In Your Kitchen

Fridges and freezers help to prevent a huge amount of food waste, as well as making food preserving easier. The Office for National Statistics say that Dorset is seeing a massive increase in pensioner households, many who live alone or depend on meal delivery services. This means a lot of kitchen appliances will go unused. A refrigerator that is an appropriate size for your needs, such as a mini fridge, could save you a fortune on running costs and they’re cheaper to purchase. It’s important to keep your fridge and freezer at the correct temperature as this can save on your energy bills and will help food last longer. Fridges should be 4℃ and freezers at -18℃. You should also look for appliances energy rating to get the best energy efficient model, which will again save you money on running costs.

Understanding Energy Ratings

Buying energy efficient appliances is one of the best ways to save money on running costs of home appliances. In general, discarding appliances and switching them for new energy-efficient ones isn’t a good idea because it’s wasteful, so wait until the appliance needs replacing. An electric oven that has an A+ efficiency rating uses approximately 40% less energy than a B-rated one. A fridge freezer rated A+++ will save you around £190 on your energy bills over its 10-year lifespan when compared to an A+ model. This shows that the difference between one or two ratings can make a huge difference. Investing in the appliances in the first place can cost slightly more, but it will be worth it as they pay for themselves in the the energy savings.

East Dorset Energy Switch

The average UK home of four people regularly uses 13 electronic appliances. Appliances have gotten more energy efficient over the years, but this still contributes a large chunk to your energy bills. Simply switching your energy provider through The East Dorset Energy Switch can save you an average of £243 a year, making it cheaper to run your appliances. The East Dorset Energy Switch is run by the council and uses the collective buying power of consumers to get energy companies to compete for their business by offering lower gas and electricity prices than you can find anywhere else. It works as a reverse auction and there’s no commitment for consumers to switch once an offer is made.

Individual responsibility is important for saving energy consumption and reducing your own bills. However, Dorset should come together to do their part in reducing the UK’s CO2 emissions and overall energy consumption, as well as using their collective buying power to pressure energy companies into offering lower prices for consumers.