How Many People Who Wanted To Retain Coastguard Helicopter Voted Tory?

Here we are then. Just over a week since the official goodbye to the coastguard helicopter on Portland. Now it has to fly from Lee on Solent to any emergency along the Dorset coastline. It can refuel at Portland but it is based in Hampshire.

Ironically on the day the locals were waving goodbye it took 90 minutes to reach a distressed diver with local boat owner Ian Taylor describing the wait for the rescue as “disgraceful”. The helicopter that eventually arrived was from Wales.

It is with great hope that the decision to close this local service will not have a tragic outcome but given that over 100000 signed a petition to prevent it the reservations locally must be substantial.

This then brings us on to the crux. How many people who were against the coastguard helicopter leaving Portland voted Conservative at either the 2015 and/or 2017 General Elections? Those that did voted against their interests in many ways but they also voted against the interests of those who are potentially at greater risk off of our coasts. They voted against those people who genuinely wanted to protect this service. Not the ones who pay lip service and we know who some of them are don’t we? (Interestingly Richard Drax now argues that the above incident would not have occured if we still had the helicopter. No shit Sherlock. But he still stood with a blue rosette on when he could have done the honourable thing and stood as an Independent).

For those of you who voted for other parties you know that many of the cuts are political and not for the economic good. For those that voted Conservative? You need to ask yourself some serious questions and possibly re shape your moral positioning because to the rest of us it is drastically out of focus.

Douglas James