How Murdoch Uses Sex to Trash Our Democracy…..

And this time, The Sun disgustingly uses it against firefighters!

For decades, our elected MPs and government ministers have been terrified of being blackmailed by The Sun, using any evidence they could get on their sex lives, kept in their little black book, to trash their political careers, whenever those politicians pursued a political agenda, against the wishes of The Sun and its Murdoch owners.

But on Wednesday, The Sun took this even lower.

That day, Parliament was preparing for yesterday’s vote on Labour’s amendment to the Queen’s Speech, calling on the government to stop cutting the wages every year for firefighters, NHS and other public sector workers.

It is called a wage freeze but it is de facto a wage cut.

If you freeze a worker’s wage but there is inflation, then the amount of food or rent that wage will be able to buy is cut.

The Tories have now cut firefighters wages for 5 years in a row and intend to do so for at least another two years, in order to gave massive corporation tax cuts to some of the country’s richest companies and to the 1%. 

So what did The Sun, the so-called friend of the working woman (and man) splash across its front page?

Did it demand parliament to Stand Up for Firefighters?
Did it demand parliament to Pay Our Boys Fairly?
Did it demand parliament to Stop Punishing Grenfell Heroes?

No, you know it damn well did not!

Instead it splashed a porn pic of a supposed fire-fighter having ordinary sex on a fire-engine. 

And the screaming headline:

Fire chiefs hunt for ‘swingers’ caught having sex in fire engine as saucy snap on filthy website causes outrage”

Thus The Sun aimed to smear the fire service the day before the vote on halting the cuts to the firemen’s wages and to deflect the political momentum building behind Corbyn’s astute amendment to halt the cuts.

As it worked out, the Tories and DUP remained united and defeated Labour’s amendment and so Murdoch continues to get his tax cuts and firefighters families pay the price….

This is the link to coverage of the story on ITV. I do not want to link to The Sun’s clickbait.…/fire-service-fuming-at-saucy-sex-pict…/

You know something, I do not give a damn about whether that was real firefighters enjoying some sex or not, so long as it did not interfere with their work.

What I do give a damn about is ordinary firemen, nurses and teachers suffering pay cuts year after year, to fund the massive tax-haven avoidance by the 1%.

And I do give a damn about whether the Tories now allow Murdoch to gain an even bigger monopoly over the UK’s fourth estate.

Murdoch must NOT be allowed to turn Sky into a poisonous UK Fox News – that route leads to a UK Trump.

Donnachadh x

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