Hunt chases pregnant fox into the local church but its not news

There is Selective Mutism within the Dorset Echo and other news outlets.

Selective mutism is a disorder whereby some people are too socially anxious are too afraid to speak.

I am asking the question that has been asked by a lot of people for a long time “Are local media establishments too afraid to speak?”

Let us together pick out an example of selective mutism within Dorset Echo who are steadfast in remaining mute over certain countryside issues.

Let us take the “controversial” and “polarising” and “passionate” debate of fox hunting. Does anyone else not notice that no one seems to want to mention it?

On the 23rd of February The BSV hunt sent their hounds round to the back their kennels (their favorite cub hunting place) and into their local church and raided their local church yard for pregnant vixens. But this is not news. How barbaric and backwards to think that this is not newsworthy.

The Action Against Fox hunting campaign group then dropped leaflets into every door at Charleton Horethorne informing every resident what had happened in their local church, the place where some of them go to pray every Sunday….where they have their weddings and christenings .

Some pro hunt friends of local terrier workers then went onto facebook local news sites to state that this incident did not happen and that this group were posting “fake news”.

It is either “fake news” or “no news” where some people are concerned and this includes those who edit certain local newspapers.

But it did happen, the hunt were chasing a fox with an intent to kill it with more than twenty dogs, leaving its cubs to starve in the wild.

Local newspapers do have a choice what they decide is news. This is based on their opinion of what they think is “newsworthy”

But surely if something of note happens…then this is news.

Have the BSV hunt been chasing baby lambs and pregnant vixens? Yes they have

Then why not mention it then.

Also guilty of selective mutism is the Dorset Rural Police who wrote the book titled “selectivism in policing”. The Dorset rural police often ask the public to tell them if they see anything suspicious out in the countryside. Anything suspicious could be hare coursing, tractor stealing or pheasant poaching.

Take a look at the photo supplied by Somerset Wildlife crime (see inset) and please ask yourself this question, does this look like coursing to you?

But according to Dorset police….it didn’t happen and they don’t take evidence from social media.

This hunt has been killing pregnant vixens yet again despite it being banned. This should be news.

Rosie Smith