I have today begun my claim for Personal Independence Payments (PIP) as Disability Living Allowance (DLA) comes to an end and I shall update as it progresses.
The process begins, and the claim is set up, by phone. I should receive the written form (PIP2) within 2 weeks and DLA will, I was told, continue for 4 weeks, by which time they will have apparently made a decision. My first observation is that the time scale will inevitably involve a period of no support (assuming I am awarded any), as receiving the form and getting it back and then waiting for a decision will surely exceed their time allowance.
The person I spoke to was very pleasant and very tolerant and patient when I stumbled over some of the questions and had to find information. She also had a pretty sharp sense of humour which was as refreshing as it was unexpected.

I had spent time sorting my head out before I rang. I had to put aside all my anger, suspicion, cynicism and angst and treat it as if it was a call to my GP or something like that. That, however, could not prevent the shakes during the call and, as it happens, I think she realised that.

I have to say that timing is everything, coming as it has during one of my worst periods since I began campaigning. Facing a challenge like PIP when your brain is already inside out is crap, but that’s life.

I asked at what point I can request a home assessment (yes, they are available on request) and was told to call the enquiry line once I received the PIP2 form.

I have joined ‘Benefits and Work’ https://www.benefitsandwork.co.uk/ and shall be using their guides, at the very least, in the form filling process.

I’ll update as I go along and I anticipate having to go the Tribunal route. It would be nice if my current brain seizure cleared a bit but I’m not holding my breath on that one.
Love to you all.

Keith Ordinary Guy. 06 September 2017

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