Why It Doesn’t Surprise Me That There Are Nazis In The Army

According to https://dontjointhearmy.co.uk/

Soldiers are encouraged to hate. They will be encouraged to:

Hate soldiers in other regiments.
Hate people in the Royal Air Force.
Hate the Royal Navy.
Hate civilians (that means your friends and family).
Hate foreigners.

This is all done to make you feel that you are in a special gang and that all of the people in your gang are special.

This feeling will then be exploited to get you to carry out tasks you would never have done otherwise. Like attacking people in their homes at night.

‘In a fecking nutshell. My mate Graham Horne writes…

“I joined the army aged 18 in 1973. Was I naive then? You bet. Never did get to an active service zone thank heavens. After 3 years of menial work in a barracks I got out then got an education by reading. What did I think of the Irish independence struggle? Well they had a case. Was this country worth protecting from the hoards of Muscovy? No not really. The working class have died in the millions to protect wealth and privilege and have got little or nothing back for it except more oppression and exploitation. 
I have now come to the view that soldiers, sailors and airmen are the executors of state terrorism. But giving them the benefit of any doubt, I am sad that so many young people are prepared to risk getting killed and injured to prop up corruption and privilege.”‘

Now there may be those who have experienced the army and will contradict the above. But my experience is that intellectually those from many ranks are restricted. Their experiences are from mates, family or officers and they are taught not to question outside of their or the army’s comfort zone. 

Don’t get me wrong they are not all nazis. But they do prefer hierarchy and conformity. If not they escape. Those that stay prefer it simple and there is nothing simpler than blaming others and perceiving reality through a singular lense and not multiple lenses.

Therefore am I surprised at this ? No but I would rather i was but it was never going to happen.

These people are as much a threat as Daesh or any other group. In fact they are potentially worse because they are hidden in the secretive but legitimate world of the forces and they are conditioned to think the way they do via our taxes. Think on that.

Douglas James