Ian Austin sends false and defamatory letter to marginal constituencies to help Pinocchio get elected

Dorset Eye had a phone call yesterday from Mr Rant Austin threatening them. He did not like the idea that people were sharing a tweet reputedly from him that stands up for the legalisation of bestiality. Apparently he is concerned his children may have seen the Dorset Eye article.

Out of respect to his children they removed it. However, out of respect to his children I also ask Mr Austin to do something. Get out of the Tory bed and stop being a vile puppet for whoever has their hands up your arse. Whether it be Tory donors, Israeli secret services… just put your (and our) children first and stop being a lying stooge.

We must reassure people that Ian Austin only speaks for himself and some very shady characters and believing him is a fools errand.

Douglas James

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