‘If I Can Shoot Rabbits…’

Next time you’re on public transport and see a racist in the face of a Muslim woman, take your face off your ‘phone and get in his.

Next time some piece of trash makes monkey noises to a black person, vigorously encourage him to opt for silence.

Next time some scumbag on social media vents their racist spleen, report them.
Next time some knuckle-dragger starts up with their Islamophobic clash of civilisations poison, make Prevent get involved and do what it’s supposed to do.

Any one of these deranged hate-mongers could be radicalised; could be the next Anders Breivik, the next Darren Osborne, the next Thomas Mair or worse…

White supremacy is cancer. It is an international epidemic. Fascism, racism, Islamophobia, all are wide-spread and growing and all are incubated by establishment politicians and mainstream discourse.

We urgently need a ‘hostile environment’ for the purveyors of this anti-human filth. They need shutting down by any means necessary. We need to make fascism and racism high-risk activities. Budding Nazis need to understand that adopting such stances is highly dangerous and poses serious risk to their health. We need to terrify these bastards into silence and inactivity. Remember: “If you can’t convince a fascist, acquaint his head with the pavement.”

Harry Paterson