If You Are 45 Or Under The Government Has Just Silently Screwed You

State pension age increase brought forward

Another day another attack on the people of this country. The Cridland Report (ironic if you follow Dorset Eye) proposed that the pension age should be raised from 67 to 68: 

‘Government to save £74bn by bringing forward the rise in state pension age from 67 to 68. Was due over two years 2044/46 now will be 2037/39.’

Paul Lewis

‘State pension age will rise to 68 between 2037&2039. Previously due between 2044&2046.Tories making people work longer for failed austerity.’

Angela Rayner MP

‘…now 45 year olds will pay taxes funding current pensions at 65, but will have to wait till 68 for their pension…More than that: 45 year olds who will now not get state pension till 68, pay taxes funding a triple locked pension at 65 for baby boomers.’

Faisal Islam

Douglas James