We now know that the Ukraine war is being used entirely by the Tory government and the establishment as a blatant propaganda exercise that hides a flagrant desire to profit from misery, again. As in World War 2 when the corporations maintained their trading relationship with the Nazis, they are at it again.

From minute one the evidence was sky high that the UN and their fat controllers had manipulated the situation in Ukraine to incite a response from Putin and that it was part of a much bigger global strategy.

Since then the evidence has increased exponentially as one act after another suggests this is much more about profiteering and control than it is about fighting back against an illegal attack.

And right at the heart of this is Boris Johnson. A man that the establishment and corporations have been planning to make PM since at least 2013.

As the Financial Times reported in 2013:

‘Adam Afriyie, the little-known but ambitious MP for Windsor and an admirer of Johnson, has assembled a leadership campaign organisation which could be quickly retooled to support a Boris leadership bid.

“It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t have a leadership structure and his record as an MP will be ancient history by the time he stands for leader,” says another admiring Tory MP.

His bumbling antics and his serial adultery are exactly what was required to fool as many as possible that he was not a danger or a threat.

What the establishment hoped was that only a few would find out about him and that would not represent a threat. And they were right to believe this. With the constant pumping out of propaganda from the corporate media and for Conservative Associations around the country to be sent hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian ribbons to display in prominent places the con has been a resounding success. It had to be Boris Johnson at the helm and not someone like Jeremy Corbyn for it to work.

And all the while Ukrainians have suffered as part of this global strategic plan.

The Russian’s Russian has now though been exposed

Dorset Eye and any other media (mostly independent) who do not dance to the global world order and its tune have regularly shed as much light as they can.

As pointed out above the evidence is sky high but until the public are made universally aware and care enough, the crimes… in our name will continue endlessly.

James Finlayson

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