Inaccurate UK news stories about Muslims fuels the far right

The national media has corrected at least 20 “significant inaccuracies” about Muslims in news stories over the last year.

And according to Miqdaad Versi, who is assistant general secretary of the Muslim Council and has been closely monitoring the coverage, there may be many more as he has only been closely monitoring coverage for last two months.Stories which have been corrected include the following:

This last story was shared by extreme right groups Britain First and the English Defence League on Twitter.

Versi, who has prompted most of the corrections himself, said: “Journalism plays a vital role in our democracy and the brilliant work by many journalists is being tarred by this consistent stream of negative and inaccurate reporting about Muslims.

“Newspaper editors need to seriously consider whether such a large number of inaccuracies on this one issue, is in line with the basic standards of professional standards that they claim to adhere to, or whether it is indicative of the prioritisation of click-baiting over accuracy in the case of serial offenders.

“This has real-life consequences as far-right extremists share such false stories, leading to rising hostility towards Muslims.”

Versi sees the number of inaccuracies as evidence that press regulator IPSO has failed.

He said: “IPSO has thus far failed to deter inaccurate stories from being published and to require corrections of equal prominence to the original error – and it is just not good enough.

“I can only hope that serious consideration will be given to stronger penalties, in particular for serial offenders. There needs to be a stronger deterrent to reporting that fails to meet the highest professional standards that members of the press subscribing to IPSO have undertaken to maintain.”

Versi is speaking at a debate at City University in London on Tuesday, 24 January, from 6.30pm about tabloid coverage of Islam and student newspaper bans.

Table of inaccurate news stories which have been corrected (source: Miqdaad Versi):

Mail on SundayWelcome to East London: Muslim gang slashes tyres of immigration-raid van before officers showered with eggs from high-rise
Daily Star SundayUK Mosques Fundraising for terror
Mail OnlineMother of four stabbed to death while her family were at a funeral ‘may have been murdered in Islamic honour killing’
The SunMum-of-four butchered while caring for her young kids as cops probe Islamic honour killing
The SunRAMADAN TRAIN WRECK Muslim train driver crashed after going without food or drink for 15 hours during Ramadan
Mail OnlineRadical student leader claims young UK Muslims are travelling to join ISIS in Syria because of Goverment cuts to education
The TimesIslamist school can segregate boys and girls
ExpressAnger as less than A THIRD of Muslim nations sign up to coalition against ISIS
Sunday TimesEnclaves of Islam see UK as 75% Muslim
ExpressNew £5 notes could be BANNED by religious groups as Bank CAN’T promise they’re Halal
Mail on SundayIsolated British Muslims are so cut off from the rest of society that they see the UK as 75 per cent Islamic, shock report reveals
ITNHalf of UK Muslims would not report extremism
The SunBritish Muslims are so cut-off from society they think 75 per cent of the UK is Islamic, report reveals
Mail OnlineRight on’ critics are ignoring problems caused by immigration, government tsar warns after Muslim groups condemn her ‘inflammatory call’ for newcomers to take a vow of allegiance
ExpressSome Muslims so isolated in UK they believe country is 75% ISLAMIC, says shock report
The SunMUSLIM CBB SHOCK TV boss defends inclusion of ­Anjem Choudary acolyte in new BBC reality show Muslims Like Us
LBCAn extremist is featured on a Muslim reality show
SunSUPERMARKET TERROR Gunman ‘screaming Allahu Akbar’ opens fire in Spanish supermarket while ‘carrying bag filled with petrol and gunpowder’
LADBibleGunman Opens Fire in Spanish Supermarket Shouting “Allahu Akbar”