On 13th February on the Facebook group “Weymouth & Portland: News and Views”, Dorset Eye’s Jason Cridland posted an article highlighting the issue of homelessness in Weymouth and Portland.

As the very first comment under the article, someone had written:

Mass immigration is the cause I don’t care what anyone says call me a racist or bigot but this is a(fact)” (sic)

This was challenged by several people. This exchange then followed (reprinted as written):

Christine James: As a councilor I guess I dare not say anything honest. But I do know that since I’ve been on the council homes get given to many of those who have just decided they would like to live here, and those young people who are working hard get pushed to the back of he queue, and often end up being the homeless ones, as privately renting become a too expensive. They are facts, and sorry don’t dare call .e rasist, he bigoted. Fed up with bleeding hearts. Oh, and I’m actually trying to do my bit for veterans, ad I’m not wasting any more time on complete wasters. Happy to help those no help themselves.

JC:  Can you prove this with any links/evidence please as well as rationale for policy…?

Christine James: No, I wouldn’t any way. So whether you like that or not is your problem. When you’ve sat this side of how things work you may see things differently. I have met and spoken to numerous people over the years and have been gobsmacked at what they tell me. Off I shopped every one who tells me about benefits they are claiming, things they spend those benefits on, then moan to me about bring hard up you still wouldn’t believe me. Pointless ‘dobbing ‘ anyone in, as it would be denied makes me see there are issues, but not necessarily over what people claim, but over how they cannot manage finances or use common sense.

JC:  What is with the anger and rudeness?

Christine James: No anger, no rudeness. What’s with your judgemental stance on anything that differes to your views. I don’t have the time anymore to listen to one sided views. Too busy dealing with real issues that come my way.

Not only does Christine James say something which may clearly be regarded as racist (and in support of an anti-immigrant comment), she then goes on to make comments which may be viewed as highly disparaging towards poor people and benefit claimants. Then, when asked to provide evidence to support her comments, she refuses.

Are these comments and responses appropriate for an elected Town Councillor?

Jennifer Legge

Should you want to contact Christine:

Email:[email protected]
Phone:07749 282 337Address:

51 Norfolk Road

Committees:Services, Planning and Licensing

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