Is Philip Hammond the Chancellor of the most incompetent, venal, and cretinous Government in British History?

They came into power with a debt of £930 Billion promising us #Austerity would obliterate the National Debt.

Great Britain is now £1.75 Trillion in Debt after 7 years of Tory #Austerity for the ordinary man and woman.

This #Austerity does not apply to them you understand.

They and their mates are hugely richer because of #Austerity.

So – Having DOUBLED the National Debt and having improved not a single thing in the United Kingdom my question to you again is —-


This is the Question every Journalist and sane human being in the British Isles should be asking these criminals every moment of every day.

But I think you all know the answer to this Question.

It has gone into the private bank accounts of the rich who leech of The State.

These Criminal organisations that call themselves ‘Big Business’ do not provide Job Security and a Living Wage’.

Instead they bleed us dry.

They are a nothing less than Super Criminals. They are the most complex, largest, & most organised Crime Syndicate the world has ever seen.

And if you are unable to face up to the fact that The Conservative Party are the Public Face of this crime syndicate, then what use are you?

This is not about Left and Right.

This is about Right and Wrong.

These people have carried out the greatest crime in British History.

They have endangered our Nations very survival with the Greed.

And for that crime they must be classed as Traitors, and ergo, should face punishment as such.

Kanjin Tor