Is This How Planning Departments Behave?

Listening to Nicki Campbell’s discussion regarding the report by the fiscal study middle income people cannot afford to buy their own home. Often find themselves in a situations of high rents no opportunity to save. It brought to mind a question asked during a management committee meeting at Weymouth Pavilion I attended last year.

One councillor raised a question about how few properties where built either for social or affordable houses. Apparently it seems to be a pattern, a developer applies for planning permission and includes these in their application, as the development nears completion they go back to planning as explained it’s not possible to build them.

Planning then approves this new plan. Hence high rents, and people struggling to save to avoid living in rented accommodation for the rest of their lives. I grew up living in a council house in the community where I was born with support from family who lived close by. How much longer will our councils planning department allow this to happen, and when will they ensure local people live in affordable housing.

Planning obligations

Linda Stevenson