Is Your Children’s School On The List? I Bet it Is

Your school is about to face dramatic cuts. Cuts to teaching staff; cuts to resources; cuts to opportunities. Whoever you vote for put that aside for a moment.

We were told early on by this government that the next generation should not pay for the failings of the one above. Now personally I believe that those responsible are not from a whole generation but lying and selfish politicians and oligarchs who have little or no concern for the rest of us as long as they get richer. 

However, our children’s generation are being asked to pay and pay big. Cuts in schools, hospitals and housing now make it very difficult for many young people for a wide variety of reasons. Our economy has been forced in to a meltdown for the sake of a political ideology and a corrupt but very wealthy and powerful group who are lying to the same generation they argued were the reason we had austerity.

Check your school out and other schools local to you. You will be horrified.

Douglas James