Withdrawing Whip By Tories Of Their MEP’s Is Just Another Sign Of How Out Of Touch and Undemocratic They Are

It does not matter which way we voted. It matters that we have a system that understands and respects the nuances of democratic principles. I might not agree with you but I want to be able to hear you. I want to be able to debate with you. I want the opportunity to try and change your mind through reasoned debate even if only partially. Unfortunately the Conservative party has no such interest. It has adopted the approach that everyone falls in line or they are ex communicated. The fascism of fundamentalist religion is now fundamental to our current government. 

Whip withdrawn from Tory MEPs who voted to block Brexit progress

I voted to Leave the EU not because of the tragicomedy that is UKIP and their billionaire driven agenda or the Tory party and their snide approach to people and politics but because I don’t trust corporate modelling in which apart from some gestures we are all treated as units on a balance sheet. If the EU was run on cooperative principles I can guarantee you my vote would have been very different.

Therefore to notice this morning that a Dorset Eye contributor who is a Conservative MEP and quite opposite to me has been ostracised by the Conservatives would have lead some to conclude that I would have had mixed emotions. NO! I don’t want those who disagree with me silenced (unless they are hateful…). Dorset Eye welcomes everyone and the intention is for a mature debate. Obviously that is easier said than done but the intention is there.

Any party that seeks to disassociate itself from democracy does not deserve a moment of our time. I am one of the 52% but I would not for a moment presume to silence the 48% or the 1% (unless their intentions are malevolent). 

I hope this resonates with some and that Leavers and Remainers can at least unite behind democracy.

Douglas James