Calls for James Cleverly to resign have surged following his controversial comments regarding drugging his wife’s drink. The Home Secretary’s remarks, made in a casual setting, included jesting about slipping Rohypnol into his spouse’s beverage and keeping her mildly sedated to prevent her from realising better options exist in relationships.

Although Cleverly issued an apology, deeming his remarks ironic humour, women’s rights advocates, including the Fawcett Society and Women’s Aid, have condemned his words. They express deep concern over the implications of a senior government official treating such a serious matter as a laughing stock. Jemima Olchawski of the Fawcett Society called it “sickening,” demanding better accountability from lawmakers and Cleverly’s resignation.

Moreover, the insensitivity of Cleverly’s comments, given his position in spearheading actions against violence toward women, has drawn severe criticism from opposition figures. Shadow Minister Alex Davies-Jones highlighted the need for a cultural shift away from such ‘banter’ in addressing the grave issue of spiking. Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper expressed disbelief at Cleverly’s remarks, stating that they undermine trust in his commitment to combatting this heinous crime.

James Uncleverly: A history of idiocy

Just four gems from the Uncleverly trove.

Privately educated idiocy appears to be a disease that is spreading.

Stay safe!

Penny Lane

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