Just in case the corporate media forgot to say

“Here is a little comment I posted about Corbyn’s “failure” on The Times website. I’m sure you will approve.

Let me see. In the face of the nastiest, dirtiest co-ordinated campaign against a single politician in living memory aided and abetted by members of his own party, Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour receive their best local election results since 1971. I have sat here for months watching a once respected newspaper become uglier and uglier by the week as Murdoch has piled pressure on his staff to come up with anything they can to smear a very decent and honorable politician. In doing so the newspaper has has plumbed new depths of gutter journalism making it indistinguishable from the Express and the Mail. Corbyn has had the entire Establishment including the Biased Broadcasting Corporation against him. The only thing he hasn’t been accused of is peddling paedophilia -. he is still, according to the Times and many of its readership, a clown, a terrorist sympathiser, a Marxist, a red under the bed, a traitor, a dangerous pacifist, a Russian spy, a Russian stooge and whatever else that implies BAD, an anti-semite and anti-Western. Have I missed anything out? All this and yet if today’s results were projected at a General Election he would be moving into Number 10 next week. You have FAILED the British people by attempting to derail a politician and a movement that will bring sweeping change for the benefit of the vast majority of its citizens. This is not Labour’s finest hour but it is a MASSIVE step forward on the road to ridding the country of the most corrupt, incompetent and calamitous Government in history. The British people have seen through the lies, the smears, the blatant and risky attempts to sway public opinion through military grandstanding and they have made a choice in favour of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour. This is a fact no matter how you and the BBC try to spin it. If it wasn’t for UKIP voters returning to the racist mother party in droves last night would have been considerably worse for the Tories.”

Spot on arent they,

Martin Ashford

Here are the actual results:

* Labour take 600 more seats than the Tories
* Labour hold twice as many councils
* Labour make gains, Tories hoover up UKIP vote and STILL make losses
* Labour had a huge swing to take Plymouth Council in the true blue South West
* Labour took Kirklees, a council we haven’t held since 1999
* Labour has the best result in London since 1971
* In Westminister and Wandsworth, Labour has more seats than at any time since 1986
* Labour hold a record number of seats in Croydon, Ealing, Redbridge and Waltham Forest
* Labour failed to take Barnet – yet Labour have NEVER won Barnet under any leader
* Labour are the largest party in Trafford, meaning the Tories now hold no councils at all in Greater Manchester.

This is a step forward and yet more progress on our General Election performance – so much so that if this was repeated at the next GE then Jeremy would be our Prime Minister.

As usual don’t believe all you hear and read in our main-stream media.

Spread the word, get the facts out there because sadly the corporate media can no longer be relied on to do so.

Ashley Reed