Every person who is confronted by the police, magistrate, judge, prosecution barrister, HMRC, ticket inspector… now has a defence that is guaranteed to fool some for most of the time.

It is called the Boris Johnson defence.

Here it can be applied to Emma Smart, the environmental activist, refused bale for gluing her fingers to a window:

If he can do it, you can do it!

First say you were not there.

Then say you didn’t realise it was a protest.

Then say sorry but it was only 10 minutes, I didn’t realise it was a protest, I was just looking through the window my fingers were sticky, but under no circumstances did I ever think it was a protest.

I completely understand how the people must feel but I did not know it was a protest.

I just leant against the window to rest from my walk. My walk just happened to be near to people that I thought were just walking.

I had no idea they were protesting, I forgot my fingers were sticky thus I found myself stuck to the window. it was not me it was someone walking past.

I did not for one second think it was a protest.

Just adapt to suit.

If BOJO The Clown can get away with it then so can the rest of us.

Let us know how you get on.

Penny Lane

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