Prime minister to receive multiple fines for breaking his own lockdown rules and is still a free person. Climate activist trying to save the planet detained without bail. You work it out!!

Emma Smart was arrested on Wednesday 13th April and is currently being held in Charing Cross Custody Suite for a minor criminal damage charge (gluing to a window of the Department of Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy). Whilst all her Scientists for Extinction Rebellion and XR Scientist colleagues were released with bail conditions, she has been refused bail and will be held at Charing Cross Custody Suite until Saturday (at the earliest) when she will be taken to court to be tried.

She has been held in a permanently lit single cell with no window for over 40 hours. Her watch has been removed and she has no way of telling if it is day or night.

From Thursday morning when they notified her that she was going to be detained she has been on a self imposed “nil by mouth” hunger strike. Without water dehydration happens quickly, causing extreme thirst, fatigue, and ultimately, organ failure and death. There is no reliable way to tell how quickly someone would die from dehydration. The staff who change shifts, are unaware of the risk despite being told and an official complaint being made.

Extinction Rebellion UK

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