Let us begin with Mr. Knighthood himself and his own admission.

And then let us list just some of the damning evidence that only Jeremy Corbyn attempted to reverse:

  1. Economic Policies:
    • Austerity Measures: Some members of the Labour Party have supported or not strongly opposed austerity measures, particularly during the post-2008 financial crisis era. This includes cuts to public spending and welfare benefits.
    • Privatization: Support or acceptance of certain privatisation initiatives, especially during the Tony Blair and Gordon Brown years, when parts of public services like the NHS saw increased private sector involvement.
  2. Foreign Policy:
    • Military Interventions: The Labour Party, especially under Tony Blair, supported and participated in military interventions that aligned with right-wing foreign policies, such as the Iraq War in 2003.
    • Support for NATO: Consistent support for NATO and close alignment with U.S. foreign policy can also be viewed as a right-wing stance.
  3. Law and Order:
    • Tough on Crime: The Labour Party has, at times, adopted a “tough on crime” approach, advocating for stricter policing and harsher penalties, which is often seen as a right-wing position.
  4. Immigration Policies:
    • Tightening Immigration Controls: There have been periods when the Labour Party has supported stricter immigration controls and measures, aligning with right-wing positions on immigration.
  5. Welfare Reform:
    • Welfare to Work: Policies such as those introduced under New Labour, which emphasised getting people off welfare and into work, can be seen as aligning with right-wing views on welfare reform.
  6. Trade Union Relations:
    • Restricting Union Power: While traditionally supported by trade unions, the Labour Party has at times supported legislation that restricts union power, which is generally a right-wing stance.
  7. Market-Friendly Policies:
    • Pro-Business Policies: During the New Labour era, there was a significant shift towards market-friendly policies, including deregulation and support for financial markets, which are typically right-wing economic positions.
  8. Stance on Brexit:
    • Ambiguity and Acceptance of Brexit: Post-2016, parts of the Labour Party have taken a more accepting stance towards Brexit, which was largely driven by right-wing populism.
  9. Education Policies:
    • Academies and Free Schools: The Labour government under Tony Blair introduced academies, which are publicly funded but operate independently of local authority control, similar to charter schools in the U.S. This policy has been continued and expanded by subsequent Conservative governments.
  10. Support for the Monarchy:
    • Status Quo on Monarchy: The Labour Party has generally supported the continuation of the British monarchy, a position more commonly associated with conservative and right-wing perspectives.
  11. Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs):
    • Infrastructure Projects: Labour governments have used public-private partnerships for funding and managing public infrastructure projects, which aligns with right-wing economic strategies that promote private sector involvement in public services.
  12. Corporation Tax Policies:
    • Low Corporate Tax Rates: At times, the Labour Party has supported lower corporate tax rates to attract businesses, which is generally a right-wing economic stance.
  13. Housing Policies:
    • Support for Right to Buy: While primarily a Conservative policy, Labour has not fully reversed the Right to Buy policy, which allows council house tenants to purchase their homes, thus reducing the stock of public housing.
  14. Trade Policies:
    • Global Trade Agreements: Labour has supported global trade agreements and liberalisation of trade, which are typically right-wing economic policies favouring free markets.
  15. Defence Spending:
    • Increased Defence Spending: There have been periods when Labour has supported increased defense spending, aligning with right-wing priorities on national security.
  16. Nuclear Deterrence:
    • Support for Trident: The Labour Party has maintained support for the UK’s Trident nuclear deterrent system, a stance that aligns with right-wing defense policies.
  17. Anti-Terrorism Legislation:
    • Enhanced Security Measures: Labour has supported stringent anti-terrorism legislation that increases state surveillance and police powers, which are typically right-wing approaches to national security.
  18. Market Reforms in Public Services:
    • Internal Markets in the NHS: Introduction and support for internal market reforms in the NHS, which mimic private sector competition principles, are often seen as right-wing policies.
  19. Cultural Policies:
    • Patriotism and National Identity: Labour leaders have at times emphasised British patriotism and national identity, which can resonate with right-wing sentiments.
  20. Position on Welfare Benefits:
    • Work Capability Assessments: The introduction of stricter work capability assessments for disability benefits under New Labour, and continued support for such measures, can be seen as aligning with right-wing welfare reform principles.
  21. Immigration Enforcement:
    • Support for Deportations: Labour has supported policies that enforce deportations of illegal immigrants and those not granted asylum, which aligns with right-wing views on immigration control.
  22. Tax Policies:
    • Tax Cuts for Middle Income Earners: At various times, Labour has supported tax cuts for middle-income earners, which is a right-wing approach to taxation.
  23. Pension Reforms:
    • Raising the Retirement Age: Support for raising the retirement age to ensure the sustainability of the pension system, which aligns with right-wing economic policies.
  24. Private Sector Collaboration:
    • Outsourcing Public Services: Labour has at times supported outsourcing public services to the private sector, aligning with right-wing beliefs in the efficiency of private enterprise.

And then throw into the mix, Keir Starmer’s membership of the Trilateral Commission, and everything becomes very clear:

Never forget that Keir Starmer staged a political coup to deliberately lose a major election, knowing Jeremy Corbyn would take the flak while simultaneously enabling another four and a half years of Tory mismanagement and the deaths of millions of people.

The man is a snake

For those who point out that any attack on Keir Starmer’s Labour Party will just let the Tories back in, be very careful what you wish for.

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