Kings statue works complete

The renovation works have been completed on the Grade I listed Kings Statue in Weymouth this week. Our contractors won awards for the work that they carried out on the jubilee clock last year. You can read more about that project here.

detail on King

The scaffolding will start coming down very soon, and the King will be back on view for all to enjoy.

Sarah Cairns, Dorset Council’s Assistant Head of Assets and Infrastructure, said; “Over 700 hours was spent restoring the structure to its former glory and it’s great to see the King’s Statue looking its best in time for the Summer season.”

Weymouth Town Clerk, Jane Biscombe said; “Thank you to Dorset Council for the time spent in restoring the statue, which both residents and visitors will now get to enjoy. Weymouth beach and the Esplanade are rich in Georgian history, and the King’s statue reminds us all that Weymouth held the title of King George III’s seaside resort of choice for many years, and it remains as popular today as it was with royalty in Georgian times.”

What have we done?

  • We have repaired and painted the unicorn. The collar, mane and tail have all been gold leafed.


  • The lion has had up to three layers of gold leaf applied as it was quite bare in places.

gold lion

  • The king himself has been completely re-decorated and new gold leaf applied to areas previously gold finish.

King George III

detail on King

  • The plinth on the Kings statue has been re-pointed where it was required. The lettering to the main lettering panel has been repainted.