Meet: Wadden Farm.

With members of the group attending various meetings/events today, it was down to the Monitors to keep an eye on Lady T’s bloodthirsty Cattistock hunt antics.

Fox 1

It soon became clear why they weren’t desperate to cross the road to hunt the land from the Tatton Farm/North Farm and back towards Hardys/Portesham/Frier Wadden area on Saturday. They were saving it for today’s little social outing for friends and followers (dribblers).

Fox 2

The hunt followed their usual routes around Wadden farm, Clover Farm, Clover Coppice. At one point a Monitor witnessed one of the terrier “boys” leave his quad and go off on foot….to lay a trail maybe??!! They then headed off up over the ridge behind Winters Lane….. Enter another Monitor, who having taken the scenic route turned a corner and action…… Hounds, riders, horses, support and very worried terrier boys on quads shouting who knows what at the field were all over the road! A very surprised Lady T was obviously mortified coming face to face with a Monitor quickly ducked down on her horse and tried to hide her face!!! Something to hide maybe… very dangerous laying a “trail along a road surely? With that her ever faithful servants surrounded her and whisked her off never to be seen again this afternoon! Most of the field also seemed to disperse at that time as well.


With the few die hards determined to see some poor little Fox ripped to shreds by a pack of hounds, the now small field pushed on. This turned out to be a game of lets go back and forward in a vain attempt to fool the Monitors and then give up!

Hunt 1

4pm saw them back at the meet and loading for home. Off went the hound lorry with a flash of its lights and a cheery wave at one of the Monitors……. See you very soon lads;)

We cannot be certain they didn’t have a kill today but the hounds looked “clean”

If you see illegal hunting in your area or if you would like to join us then please message us on this page. We would love to hear from you.

Weymouth Animal Rights

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