Latest Local Marketing Trends Released

Marketing West, the Dorset based marketing specialists, is one of the national contributors to the Bellwether Report, a quarterly review of UK marketing trends.The latest figures, just released, confirm the Brexit delay is causing confusion amongst UK businesses and consumers.  
As a result, following on from the previous quarter’s trend,  demand is continuing to switch to internet advertising, mainstream media such as press and radio, and client organised seminars and events.I
n the second quarter of 2019, Internet budgets have increased year on year by 11.5%, mainstream media by 5.6% and events by 4.8%. Said Nigel Reeve of Marketing West, “Main media like press and radio is fighting back. This traditional media reflects advertisers wanting to build long term brands rather than looking for a short term fix.Our monitoring in the south-west reflects this national figure.
The growth in traditional media and the internet continues. As far as client-led events are concerned, this region is seeing even strong growth. We are looking at a year on year growth of over 10%.
Our clients are looking to talk directly to potential customers, which is fueling this growth”.The Bellwether Report is researched and published by IHS Mark it on behalf of the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising.
The report features original data drawn from a panel of around 300 UK marketing professionals and provides a key indicator of the health of the economy.