Thanks to Carol Vorderman for exposing the latest attempt by the Tories to stay in power.

‘Johnny Mercer has let the Tory cat out of the bag in a leaked email.

In The Times, he claimed that No. 10 blocked veteran IDs for voting because it could “open the floodgates” for students to use their ID.

CONCLUSION: Tories don’t want everyone to vote. Tories don’t believe in a democracy. There must be an inquiry immediately.’

Just some of the recent examples of the Tories undermining what the UK public mistakenly believes is a democracy:

  1. Electoral Boundary Changes: Critics argue that proposed changes to electoral boundaries by the Tories are politically motivated to favour their party. These changes could potentially disadvantage other parties, leading to accusations of manipulating the democratic process for partisan gain.
  2. Prorogation of Parliament: In 2019, Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s decision to prorogue (suspend) Parliament was widely criticised as an attempt to limit parliamentary scrutiny of his Brexit plans. Critics saw this move as undermining the democratic principle of parliamentary sovereignty and accountability.
  3. Voter ID Laws: The Tories have proposed requiring voters to show identification at polling stations, claiming it’s necessary to prevent voter fraud. Critics argue that such laws could disenfranchise certain groups, such as the elderly, young people and minority communities, who are less likely to possess the required ID, thus undermining the principle of universal suffrage.
  4. Lack of Transparency: Some critics accuse the Tories of a lack of transparency in their governance, such as not disclosing information related to government contracts or decision-making processes. This lack of transparency can erode trust in democratic institutions and hinder accountability.
  5. Brexit Process: During the Brexit process, critics accused the Tories of undermining democracy through actions like suspending parliamentary debate, disregarding the views of devolved administrations, and pushing through legislation without proper scrutiny.
  6. Attacks on the Judiciary: Some critics argue that the Tories have sought to undermine the independence of the judiciary, particularly following legal challenges to government decisions related to Brexit. Criticism has been leveled at government officials for rhetoric perceived as undermining the authority and impartiality of the courts.

Vote for them at your peril.

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