Does anyone remember the 1980’s when the Tories told us to prepare for a nuclear war? Just asking.

Where were they between 2010 and 2020? Despite multiple warnings of an impending pandemic, they ignored it.

But now in an election year, with Rishi Sunak exclaiming that only they can handle the impending doom, they are handing out advice.

Wind-up torches, tinned meat, and bottles of water are just some of the items the government is advising people to stock up on as it urges the public to prepare for emergencies.

Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden has unveiled a new website to advise people on how to protect themselves from various risks, including biosecurity crises, flooding, power outages, or another pandemic. The “Prepare” website urges households to stock up on bottled water, with a minimum supply of three litres of drinking water per person per day, but recommends 10 litres for more comfortable levels, for cooking and hygiene.

The website suggests that people should also store non-perishable food that “doesn’t need cooking” such as tinned meat, vegetables, and fruit, as well as baby supplies and pet food if needed. Additionally, it advises including a tin opener, battery or wind-up torches and radios, wet wipes, and a first aid kit in the emergency package.

Mr Dowden states that these measures are “about sensible safeguards, not stockpiling,” and the website aims to provide “practical information for households to make those preparations” for threats listed on the government’s national risk register.

The deputy prime minister is scheduled to speak at the London Defence Conference on Wednesday, where he will emphasize that “resilience begins at home.” A poll conducted by the conference shows that only 15% of people have an emergency supply kit in their homes, and more than 40% do not have three days’ supplies of non-perishable items.

The new website is part of Mr Dowden’s effort to ensure the UK is more resilient to growing threats, ranging from natural disasters and water outages to conflicts. Last year, he introduced a new emergency alert system so mobile phones receive a loud alert sound if there is a risk to life in the area.

A government source stated that the new website is part of the “largest overhaul of resilience in decades,” which will also involve new training for MPs and a new programme to model what would happen in another pandemic. It will involve thousands of people participating in a tier one pandemic exercise next summer.

The government clarified that the advice is not in response to an immediate crisis but is aimed at preparedness so that the government and emergency services can prioritise those most in need first.

It is all part of a propaganda campaign. They didn’t care before, and apart from your vote, they don’t care now.

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