Because they will not leave us alone to live in peace

15 August 2018

Copies to Theresa May, Esther McVey, Jacob Rees-Mogg.

Dear Sue Crook,

On 25 April 2018 you wrote to inform me that I owed the nation £8,356.30 without any explanation of how this figure was dreamed up and that I would thus be paying back £11.10 a week for the next 14 years, 4 months and 27 days, or, as I am 67 and have terminal cancer to boot, until I bloody well die.

I responded on 7th May 2018 requesting a Mandatory Reconsideration, or, more correctly, a malicious mandatory pointless delay pursuant of a hostile environment designed to leave people in limbo, and want, for an extended period of time to cause the maximum distress and worry as you mess with our lives and our heads.

I was informed by phone that the alleged debt referred to an overpayment related to my occupational pension. In my response I included data held by DWP which showed that this claim was fraudulent, just like a similar claim for the same period of time which was made in 2014.

I have now, unsurprisingly, been pointlessly waiting 3 months and 8 days for a response from you.

I would like to congratulate the DWP, Esther McVey, Theresa May and the Conservative party for creating a hostile environment in which ordinary people are persecuted daily for being alive to suit some ideological eugenics agenda which has already seen hundreds of thousands of needless deaths of ordinary decent people and an escalating decline in the health and mental well being of those of us still hanging on to life.

Anyone with half a brain would probably guess that I am enraged by the duplicity and machinations of this Tory regime of imposed hardship and suffering. I merely point this out because I am not sure that anyone with more than half a brain now works for the government and it therefore behoves me to point out the absolutely bleeding obvious and the lived reality of those of us on the receiving end of policies set by utterly power crazed mad bastards who are actually of no earthly use to humanity.

I have never had anger issues, as the expression goes, and am at a time in my life when I might reasonably have anticipated some peace in my autumnal years. Well, thanks to this curse of a government, I now have anger issues which affect my quality of life on a daily basis. For the unnecessary distress, worry, upset and unreasonable demands on my time, energy and psyche caused by the government for pointless ideological reasons I hereby make a demand for £30,000 in compensation.

To use money as an ideological weapon is a crime against life.

Yours sincerely,

Universal Credit is an ideological weapon against poor, sick and disabled people.

Keith Ordinary Guy

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