Life is a Ride

No matter what they say,
We’re all the same.
Deep down inside,
We all feel pain.

By taking a side, what’s there to gain?

A sense of pride? An ounce of fame?

The same old lies,
Told again and again.

Emotional cries,
A show of strain.

The world is changing,
Yet echoing the past.

How to end the torture? How long will it last?

It’s easy to lose focus,
Forget what’s going on.
The power is within us,
We have to stay strong.

Reach out to one another,
Remember the good times.
The loneliness won’t last forever,
Leave the bitterness behind.

Don’t let good memories fade,
Don’t let them slip your grasp.
Hold on to those you love,
But don’t regret the past.

Life can change in the blink of an eye,
Don’t let an opportunity slip you by.
Don’t hide your emotions deep inside,
Just remember that it’s all a ride. 


The dude is a poet and lyricist. He does not conform to any particular style or theme. However, that said the majority of his work is related to humanity, how we interact and of social criticisms.

Recently he has started to perform poetry at open mic nights. He is local to bournemouth but would happily perform elsewhere.

The dude is currently looking to collabarate with others, especially on the lookout for musicians to aid in song writing.

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