In the home of the Tolpuddle Martyrs and the birthplace of the trade union movement, Dorset is far from being the centre of radical politics some may expect. Generally, across the centuries, it has resembled the rotten borough of Dunny on the Wold from Blackadder, in which the public rarely has a candidate that will, or is able to, meet their needs. Thus, the local landowner, or the shipped in establishment stooge, is generally what the parties with the most resources provide. Sadly, too many people fall for it.

Now, the Conservatives have attached ‘Local’ to their nomenclatures in the hope that enough daft people will fall for it. They have even made demands that Tory MP’s stay away so as not to **** things up for them even more. Similar to the poor troops on the Somme abandoned by their generals. The major difference, of course, is that the troops, in this case, have told the generals to sod off as their orders have led to carnage.

Apparently, the unadventurous but battle-wary are being lulled away (probably temporarily) from the apolcalypse of the Tory establishment, potentially succumbing to the Liberal Democrats and even ‘Independents’ (whoever they pretend to be).

As usual, the masses will be fooled into enabling yet more devastation on the back of a plethora of lies and nonsense.

As Frankie Boyle very perceptively observed:

Such is the way of many ignorant and selfish people.

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