Local people for local politics – are you up for the challenge?

Fed up with your local community’s concerns not being addressed? Frustrated by
the services provided by Dorset County Council? Angry about the lack of social
mobility in the area?

Independent councillor, Dorchester’s renowned town crier Alistair Chisholm is keen
to hear from people who feel they could do better than the current administration.
Alistair and others have joined a group call “ALL for Dorset” to encourage others to
join them as independent candidates. ALL for Dorset allows independents to
campaign together and retain the freedom to represent the local community without
a party whip.

With the new unitary Dorset Council elections taking place in May, Alistair is keen to
talk to people across the county who feel unrepresented, would listen to those they
represent and who would make decisions based on facts.

Alistair said: “Having repeatedly witnessed my District Council make decisions purely
on the basis of party affiliation and not in the best interests of those they claim to
represent, I am more than ready for a change in local government.

“Frome, just over the county border in Somerset, has led the way and its
independent- controlled Town Council has already demonstrated the advantages of
working in a different and more democratic way. Working together with existing
community groups they are able to make decisions, following sincere and meaningful
consultation, based on the facts and realities shared and understood by all.

“With elected councillors free to pursue whatever cause is in the best interests of
those they represent, councillors who cannot be “whipped” into blind adherence to
some national party dogma, real change can be achieved.

“We have strong communities in Dorset but that strength is too seldom reflected in
our local representatives. Now is the time to elect candidates, free of party control,
whose objective is to consult, share information, consider and debate in an open and
transparent manner and finally make decisions in the best interests of the people
they represent,” he added.

If you are interested in a seat at the table and feel it is time for a change in local
politics, please get in touch at ALLforDorset@gmail.com or fb.me/ALLforDorset

Luke Wakeling