Movie Review: Star Trek: Into Darkness.

Ah man! There wasn’t any Yoda! Or Chewie! Or Han! Come on JJ, how do you expect me to like episode seven, if you don’t include any of the classic characters, who is Spock anyway?!

And wait for it here is the reveal!

I actually watched Star TREK!

So JJ Abrams is now in charge of the two big hot Sci-fi properties, what does this mean for nerd culture? I don’t know ask a proper reviewer.

What I can tell you is that if ‘Into Darkness’ is anything to go by the episode seven should be pretty darn good. Trek 2 is visually mind blowing and fun. The title is nothing to go off, its not really darker or more moody than the 2009 reboot was, it still holds the same fun panache and wit that the campy and kitsch original Trek held.

Your opinion of Star Trek v2.2 will hinge largely on how you feel about a certain portion of brazenly (some might say lazily) recycled plot for a previous entry in the series. Personally, I couldn’t give a silt; Trek isn’t that precious to me. That kind of fan service will delight many (me included, I thought it was a clever little twist) and it will madden some.  

Plus, it’s a pleasure to be able to watch the world’s most expensive Star Wars demo reel. I do wonder how JJ will be able to make the world different, with the same man under the helm of both of them will we be able to tell them apart? (If you want that kind of talk go to a proper movie reviewer)

Anyway Trek is breathless blockbuster entertainment, and while it dosent live up to its predecessors groundbreaking approach, it’s still got that film’s smarts, heart and LOL’s. Plus there’s a lady in her underwear.

I’m easily pleased!

Callum Stewart