With all the fun and merriment 
We forgot about Mrs Jones,
A widow who lives quietly
In pain, but never moans.

She often waves from her window
Or baby sits the boys
In fact, there are presents under the tree
She always buys them toys.

She sang at the carol service
Oh what a wonderful voice
It sounds like a heavenly angel
That would make even sinners rejoice

Her children grew up many years ago
And live so far away
So Mrs Jones, who gives so much
Is alone on Christmas day

Hold on, it’s only 7am
The boys woke us up at three!
I’m sure Mrs Jones could join us 
for lunch and our christmas tea.

And so she arrived at 11am
Dressed as smart as can be
“Ive brought you a bottle of sherry
For sharing your Christmas with me”

She joined in all our family fun
And played the children’s games
We watched the queen at 3 o’clock
Then watched the fire’s flames.

So Mrs Jones was happy
I could see it in her smile
She started to look tired
So I took her home in a while

Blue lights were flashing in the street
To start our boxing day
Mrs jones had gone to sleep and quietly passed away

If a Mrs Jones lives near to you
You now know what to do
It’s in the Christmas message 
From a heart that’s warm and true.

Gary Heald