MSM are saying the UK has a surplus!

UK reports biggest July budget surplus for 18 years

Read with an uncritical eye this may appear positive. Read with an eye for reality and it is just plain cruel.


127,600 Homeless children (1 in 100 children in this country are homeless). Full Fact

1.9m pensioners in poverty. Full Fact
2,000+ Food banks The Big Issue
4m+ children in poverty The Independent
4750 rough sleepers (officially) The Guardian
120,000 austerity linked deaths Full Fact
75,000 Motability vehicles cut The Independent
NHS privatisation doubled over 8 years BMA
Gas Bills 55% ↑ (71% since 2006) Selectra UK
Cost of Childcare Support 4X wages The independent
Stamps 52% ↑ (doubled since 2006) The Mirror 

The privatised water industry has shelled out over £13bn in dividends since 2010

Rail fares have increased twice as much as pay since 2010 The Telegraph

Homelessness 61% ↑ Full Fact

124% above inflation SOCIAL housing rent increases Speyejoe

Food Inflation 26% ↑ Financial Times
National Debt £1.8 Trillion ONS

NHS in crisis.
Social care in crisis.
Elderly care in crisis.
Education in crisis.
Prisons in crisis.
Probation in crisis.
Housing in crisis.
Homeless in crisis.
Police in crisis
Brexit in crisis.

They talk about a surplus and yet continue the harvesting of the poor and vulnerable.