That’s what they were hoping for anyway, but as far as we could tell that didn’t happen and Lady Charlotte was most displeased!

From the meet at The Swannery, they searched woods at the Subtropical Gardens then hillside scrub above the shore. Hounds spoke a few times but couldn’t hold a line. Eventually they gave up and crossed the road onto the South Dorset Ridgeway.

Hounds went into cry at Ferny Hole Plantation, but sabs had slogged up the hill just in time to get in and start calling them off, before the hunt lost their nerve and pulled them away. They had a half-hearted go in Jubilee Coppice before crossing the road and heading up to Portesham Withy Beds.

They were in there for ages around the pond making all kinds of scummy sounds trying to flush a fox, but thankfully nothing was found. They then drew the old Railway line back towards the Swannery and had a go in Oddens Wood.

With nothing doing there, most of the field called it a day, while the diehards road over to Clayhanger Farm and the adjacent Warre Wood. They rummaged about in there for absolutely ages and deer were seen fleeing, but hounds remained silent. At 4.30 we were very happy when they called it a day and began the walk of shame back to the meet. We saw a couple of clever foxes today in areas the hounds were searching, but thankfully the dogs never picked up their scent and we didn’t have to intervene.

They didn’t go down into the Swannery itself this time, presumably due to bird flu. We came across one disgusting house called Laurence’s Cottage which had rotting bodies of crows dangling from rods along their garden fence. we will be reporting this to Defra.

Our sab who was ridden down last weekend came out today to monitor with a camera despite still being in a lot of pain. The doctors at the hospital diagnosed torn intercostal muscles and ligaments and cracked ribs. Thank you so much everyone for your concern and well wishes. He will be continuing in monitoring role until healed enough to go back out on foot. That’s dedication!

Cattistock Hunt, Abbotsbury Swannery, 3rd January 2022

North Dorset Hunt Saboteurs

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