Murdoch Promotes Anti-Semitism

Late last month, 11 people were murdered in a Pittsburgh synagogue by a raging anti-semite with an assault rifle. One of the things that had angered him that week was the unsubstantiated and ludicrous idea that George Soros was funding migrants travelling on foot through Central America towards the U.S.

Invoking the name of Soros has been standard currency by paranoid right-wingers for years now. He has pretty much supplanted The Rothschilds as the go-to name for “Jews who control everything.”

Plenty of very wealthy people fund political projects of course, but Soros is highly problematic in some quarters because his projects tend to be liberal instead of reactionary.

Trump was pushing the rumour that helped “inspire” the biggest massacre of Jews in US history, but Murdoch’s Fox News was also key in spreading the disinformation.

Murdoch owns two major UK papers and a UK news broadcaster, so in a parallel reality, there has been a near deafening clamour for him to apologise and correct the anti-semitism in his empire. Back in this realm, little to nothing has been said, and the 11 victims are more or less forgotten already.

Stephen Durrant

The Media Fund