What induces a US President to keep the sins of his predecessors a secret?

‘My Fellow Americans’ is the story of William Cutter: a popular President who pays for the truth dearly. Before a tragedy that shocks the world, he leaves White House intern, Rose O’Carey vital information to incriminate his enemies.

Not even Cutter could anticipate the danger O’Carey now faces, as powerful forces go to any lengths to stop her revealing explosive secrets that could change the world…

In the run-up to the 20th commemoration of 9/11 in 2021 questions are again raised about government machinations, making this a topical speculation on the dangerous and secretive world of the US Presidency and the deep state that allegedly controls it.

“An immensely engaging and dramatic reading of this superb modern political thriller.” Ed S.

“If you like conspiracy theories or a gripping thriller, then I can’t recommend this book highly enough.” B. Laing

“Seriously, I’d put this up there with Dan Brown for a rollicking good romp that is difficult to put down.” PAH

“I could not put the book down. The story twists and turns making this book a real page turner.” John K


The first 7 chapters.

Chapter 1: ‘The End’

Chapter 2 ‘Shockwave’

Chapter 3 ‘Fracking’

Chapter 4 ‘911’

Chapter 5 ‘Drone Strike’

Chapter 6 ‘Collateral’

Chapter 7 JFK’

Chapter 8 and onwards

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