The pictures that tell us exactly where this country is heading

In the words of Russ Jackson:

‘One of the greatest illusions of modern times has been to trick millions of voters into believing that billionaires, multi-millionaires & ex-commodities traders actually represent the interests of ordinary people, rather than becoming grotesquely wealthy from their exploitation.’

If a working class person, trampled on from dusk till dawn 24/7 can be programmed to trust people who do not care at any given second whether we are alive or dead it merely reflects one of two things. Either the programming is so sophisticated that we have very little chance of evading it or many of us are so disempowered and rendered gullible that we are ripe to be turned in to a pile of expedient mush.

There is of course my favoured option which is that it is big dollop of both.

When photos of the most callous, disingenuous people turn up and I am reminded that these same people lie and manipulate millions of people each day and are rewarded very handsomely for it the tendency is to throw my hands up in the air and say what is the point? If they want to rot let them.

Then of course I remember that if they rot we do to. My family and friends go down with the ship whilst the real culprits laugh and sneer from their island paradise. Then I get all motivated again and keep on keeping on.

Some days it is more challenging than others but if we do not fight who will? We shout ‘iceberg’ they reply ‘full steam ahead’. Then they jump in to the lifeboats.

Take this so called ‘man of the people’. Just look at the poisonous people he is in a gang with. We know he is a con man. But for many they have been conned all their lives and therefore spotting another con man is very challenging.

It does not have to be like this. We can go our own way and in time when the planet falls apart we probably will have to just to survive. Does it have to get to that though? These con men and women will be dead soon enough but they will be replaced unless we act.

Can we do it? Of course we can.

Douglas James