Neo Nazi White Supremacy group responsible for at least four deaths now operating in UK

4 people have now taken their own lives after being targeted by Kiwi Farms – an American neo-Nazi, white supremacist hate group and cyberbullying website and they’re now operating here in the UK.

Kiwi Farms targets disabled people, people with autism, gays, trans people, Jews, Muslims, black people, Hispanics, and other minorities and it encourages it’s members to attack people from minority groups. The website is owned and operated by Joshua Conner Moon, who thinks nothing of calling for the mass genocide of all Muslims or encouraging his members to attack Jews, cut off their fingers and send them to him so that he can make a necklace for himself.

In December 2017, Kiwi Farms Member and New Mexico resident William Atchison went on a shooting rampage at a local school where he shot and killed two Hispanic kids and then killed himself.

Their usual modus operandi is to stalk and harrass people, then share rumours and smears and also dox you online (post your personal data online, including your name, birthday, workplace details, personal social media accounts and even your street address and phone number). This allows any Kiwi Farms supporters who live local to you to threaten and attack you directly.

PayPal, Uphold, Mastercard, Visa, Patreon, and Hatreon banned Kiwi Farms from using their services for donations. Google banned them from using their banner ads service. RedBubble banned Kiwi Farms from selling merchandise on the RedBubble website and Bitcoin mining syndicates banned Kiwi Farms from using their services to raise money.

People known to have committed suicide as a direct result of being attacked by Kiwi Farms….


Canadian Julie Terryberry committed suicide on June 29, 2016. She was just 19 years old.

Chloe Sagal from Oregon committed suicide on June 21, 2018. Chloe was 31 years old.

Chance Carmichael from Kansas committed suicide on Oct 3, 2018. Chance was just 28.

Nicholas McCrary from Oklahoma committed suicide on Sept 19, 2018. Nicholas was just 29.

Kiwi farms has subscribers around the world, including in the UK and they are now targeting British Citizens, including Sam Ambreen, who wrote this blog (below).

It’s only a matter of time before someone takes their own life or is killed by an alt-right fascist scum bag here in the UK. The police have been informed but, as yet, no action has been taken.

Please let’s share this blog to raise awareness folks and let’s see if we can’t ramp up the pressure to force the police to do something? Perhaps we could write to our regional police services and ask them if they are aware and what they intend to do about it?

I’ll send this info. over the Panorama as well to see if they might want to investigate them. A Panorama programme should ramp up the pressure on UK police I think?

Koser Saeed

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