A new app has been created aimed at encouraging people to visit independent pubs instead of their nearest branch of JD Wetherspoon.

‘Neverspoons’ has been made by two Manchester-based web developers who have been unimpressed with the major pub group’s actions throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to Edinburgh Live Wetherspoons has become persona non gratis to the many who were disgusted with the behaviour of their owner/founder Tim Martin. In the last few months:

‘The chain publicly refused to pay suppliers until lockdown ended back in March and its boss, Tim Martin, said lockdown itself was ‘over the top’ and urged his 40,000 workers to avoid taking furlough, suggesting that they could ‘ get a job in Tesco instead ‘.’

Therefore to help support those pubs that are generally crushed when the economy collapses (this is the second time in twelve years that the economy has only been sustained/saved by huge state interference) ‘Neverspoons was developed to enable people to find an alternative independently-run pub instead, in the hope it will boost support for them as they reopen after lockdown.’

‘It uses the location of the app user to direct them to the door of small pubs near to them, urging people to swerve Spoons in favour of indie boozers.’

If you would prefer to save independent pubs and/or send a message to Mr Martin about his opinions and policies then click on the app below:


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