New 100% Organic Frozen Treat for Dogs

There’s no better way to cool off in the summer sun than with a delicious ice cream, and now dogs can beat the heat just like their owners, with the brand-new Doggy Doggy Yum Yum frozen treat by cult Dorset brand Baboo Gelato. It is a 100% organic frozen treat for dogs, made with live coconut yoghurt, bananas and peanut butter, and no artificial colours, flavours or refined sugar.

In fact, there are health benefits to be had for pooches as the coconut yoghurt contains live probiotics – good for dogs’ digestion – as well as vitamin C, iron, magnesium, copper and potassium. Bananas are also packed with potassium and magnesium, which is good for bone growth, as well as vitamin B6, vitamin C, and fibre, which can help with gastrointestinal problems. The peanut butter is made with 100% peanuts, and so does not contain xylitol, sugar or palm oil, and it is sweetened with a little agave syrup. Doggy Doggy Yum Yum tastes so good, humans can eat it too – what’s more it’s vegan friendly and the tub is fully compostable!

Doggy Doggy Yum Yum is made by people who normally make award-winning ice cream for humans. Company owner Annie Hanbury is an avid dog lover as well as a passionate Bologna-trained, professional ice cream maker. All the ice treats are handmade in Dorset from scratch using traditional techniques.

On the inspiration behind Doggy Doggy Yum Yum, Annie Hanbury, company founder, said:

“Lots of people were coming to our kiosks to buy themselves and their dogs an ice cream. We were concerned at how healthy this could be for the pets, not least because dogs’ tummies do not cope well with lactose from the milk. So, I came up with a recipe that contains no dairy, gluten, or hidden nasties that could be harmful to dogs. And as with all our products, it doesn’t include any artificial flavourings. In fact, it tastes so good I eat it myself.”  

You can get your paws on Doggy Doggy Yum Yum at Baboo Gelato’s three kiosks in West Bay (DT6 4HA) Lyme Regis (Marine Parade DT7 3JF) and Morecombelake (at Felicity’s lovely farm shop on the A35, DT6 6DJ). Also available from a number of discerning dog-friendly retailers and pubs.

To find out more about Doggy Doggy Yum Yum please visit or to learn more about Baboo Gelato, go to