New BBC season – When I’m 65 – on ageing

A new season of programmes starting today on BBC – When I’m 65 – is tackling the subject of ageing.

The season will be using some of the UK’s best-known faces to confront the issue of our ever-ageing population and the everyday situations and hurdles they encounter.

Find out more about ‘When I’m 65’ on the BBC website

The over-65s are the fastest-growing age group in Britain and it’s estimated that by 2030, 1 in 4 people living in the UK will be over the age of 65.

The likes of BBC World Affairs Editor John Simpson, EastEnders actress June Brown and broadcaster Gloria Hunniford will be confronting issues such as working past the state pension age and lack of respect for older people, to caring for a loved one and living in a care home, head-on throughout July.

The shows look set to be extremely powerful and thought-provoking and are likely to resonate with many people, no matter what their age.

Speaking about ‘When I’m 65’, Michelle Mitchell, Charity Director-General at Age UK, says:

‘It’s really interesting that the BBC has decided to devote a season to the issues around getting older and we welcome the chance for the nation to re-evaluate the role older people play in our communities.

‘The season will help in sharing the wealth of experience that older people have which can only enrich our society. We also hope that it will trigger a national debate about how we care for those in later life who need help.’

Age UK