Nigel Farage will receive a peerage via the Conservative party for stepping down in 317 constituencies

You have heard it here first (well sort of). As a reward for destroying Parliamentary democracy and enabling a far right takeover (Pinochet style, if a Tory MP’s pronouncements over the weekend are to be taken seriously) Boris Johnson will ensure that the establishment come together and reward the snake oil salesman with a place in the House of Lords.

Following his U turn (or lie) Mr Farage has declared that his will is the Brexit will and that the Tories are their friends. The same friends that are wrecking the economy, giving the NHS and other public services to the lowest bidder and climbing in to bed with any old billionaire oligarch.

I cannot wait till post election when all those people who supported a Tory lead Brexit realise they have been well and truly conned. Not only that but the con was so obvious they must have been in a *coma not to have noticed.

*coma: aka taken in by the corporate media and the far right Goebbelsesque propagandists, because they have been rendered desperate to scapegoat everyone but those responsible, thanks to the corporate media and far right Goebbelsesque propagandists.

Have a read of and search the internet for the trail of death and destruction being imposed upon the UK public especially the working classes and then tell me I am wrong.

And remember who Nigel Farage actually is:

Arise ‘Sir/Lord Nigel of whatever he wants to be’

Douglas James