North Dorset MP accused of lying to Parliament

Preceding the government’s defeat in the House of Commons relating to contempt of Parliament, over the government’s refusal to publish the legal guidance sought in relation to their withdrawal plan to leave the EU, North Dorset MP Simon Hoare has been called out over a falsehood (lie). The government had defied the request by all other parties for over three weeks and have become the first government in decades to lose such a vote.

However, over shadowing this for some is the decision by Simon Hoare MP for North Dorset to accuse opposition parties of having a letter, to ask the speaker to allow a contempt vote, of having been signed last Thursday. In fact it appears to have been signed only yesterday.

Mr Hoare, who like some other Dorset MP’s are not seen as the sharpest tools in the box, now finds himself publiclly outed in front of the cameras and in Hansard, as making things up in Parliament as an MP, out of desperation.

The view from inside and outside of the Conservative party is that where their vote is safest it is easier to put those who are not as sharp as others. Richard Drax MP for South Dorset, also being another classic example.

Whether you care whether your MP finds the truth a challenge and whether they are intellectually blunt is of course for you and the ballot box.

Douglas James