Residents are not expressing “concern” – they are horrified

A response to this letter to Bournemouth Echo. Excuse the sarcastic title:

NHS : insight and brilliance from Orton Gibson

Our massive 460,000 and growing conurbation is going to be cut from two major A&E hospital to one A&E hospital. And that one on far eastern edge of our county at RBH.

Clearly there are going to be huge increases in travel distance and travel times with consequences for all living in Poole and west of Poole into the Purbecks.

So thank the heavens we have at least one Cllr in Bournemouth with clear thinking solutions :

“Let us not just think and talk about residents from a certain geographical location who fear delays in ambulance times.”

Brilliant Cllr Orton Gibson : Why didn’t we think of that.

Let’s not have a grain of concern for our fellow human beings. Let’s just bracket them off as “collateral …. “.

Or in other words what a brutal self-serving attitude.

The veritable Cllr living in B’mouth 200 yard from Wessex Way – journey time to RBH ten minutes. And likewise his constituents in Northbourne : I”m alright Jack dog eat dog school of political science.

And guess the man’s profession ?

A profession known for its blatant self-serving greed. The one with the lowest respect and esteem in the country. For millions held in downright contempt.

Yes you’ve got it – a landlord Letting Agent and all more so at the very heart of this self-serving brigade running training programmes. And that is with a professional agency membership anyone who wants to set up shop as an agent can buy for £230.

Interest in humanity and well-being of others – non-existent.

As to the shear rot this man is promulgating not a line or a word has any bearing on the the facts and the truth of what is happening.

1.” …the re-focusing of A&E to the Royal Bournemouth Hospital … “Metaphoric language used to grossly mislead: Not a matter of “refocusing” – a matter of Poole A&E closing down.

2. “…joint decision (Poole, Dorset, B’mouth) was not to refer the clinical services review to the secretary of state …”.Grossly misleading – Dorset has since voted to refer, Poole is looking at referral on 17th Dec.

3.”Whilst residents expressed concerns, the consistent view of the health care side (hospital and ambulance) was that these reforms would improve patient outcomes”. Resident are not expressing “concern” – they are horrified. Mortified. That is why they have signed petitions in all of over 50,000.

4.Dorset NHS budgets is being slashed by £157 million a year. People are going to die with longer journey times. The ones that will benefit the Orton-Gibsons living in B’mouth at the expense of the 200,000 in Poole and west of Poole.

5.” …the resounding message was that what matters most for health outcomes is going to the hospital best equipped to treat you.”Of course – to state the staggeringly obvious you need to get to a hospital that can treat you. That then is no justification on the planet for closing down one of two major A&E hospitals then telling us best to go to the one that has the A&E.

6.”The reorganisation of the A&E services will enable the hospitals to provide a higher level of A&E care than is currently available in Dorset… “.Shear propaganda. As any estate agent/letting agent its all “highly desirable” with all the “benefits anyone could want” when the truth is Dorset NHS budgets are being hugely cut leaving DCCG with no option but to close one A&E.

7. Those then with coronary attacks, stroke, sepsis, internal bleeding, ectopic pregnancies, road accident casualties, that can get to RBH A&E, and the one maternity in the conurbation at RBH, rapidly, will survive. The cases that take more than 30 minute, let alone 1 hour 40 minutes (two way journey time for ambulance) from the Purbecks are clearly going to be at far higher risk of not surviving.

In all this man (Orton-Gibson) is a deeply alarming danger to our towns. Thinks facts and truth can all be dressed up in marketing brochures, the going rate for a profession notorious for spinning words to conceal and distort truth. What a world we live in when a letting agent of all people ends in a position leading public opinion on major health survival issues.

And Gibson et al take note Wessex Fields is a floodplain. Try and focus on that. RBH has been built with piling and internally with expansion breaks to deal wtih subsidence (the very reason Castle Point is crumbling).

I appreciate Climate Warming – droughts and flash flooding – whilst happening in the rest of the world is not happening in Bournemouth. But for any Cllrs in Bournemouth who do understand these issues perhaps you could get the message across to Gibson : we are putting our one A&E, and maternity, on a flood plain. We will be very lucky within ten years if we don’t end with a subsiding hospital with water lapping through the wards.

Sorry for the bad news – and of course world science – led in UK by David Attenborough and Brian Cox – has likely got it all wrong. Better follow the wisdom John “keep building” Beesley and Conor “ideology of climate change” Burns.

In all with contempt Mr Gibson for your shockingly distorted account of what is happening to our NHS : it is being decimated, and throw in the insanity of Brexit mass destruction, and decimation of our police, it will surprise me if we get through next year without, as in Paris this week, riots in the streets. And precious few police then to deal with break down of our society.

Many years abroad and I always spoke so well of our NHS and gun free British police. What a credit to any country and now all being destroyed before our eyes …

And if you are litigious minded Gibson (as so many in your world are) my contribution to draft defamation law is here : Draft Defamation Law : EV61. I have every right, and indeed a responsibility, to condemn anyone who I consider is doing serious harm our society, all the more so grossly misleading the public on life and death issues for decades to come.

Jeff Williams


5th December 2018

What is going on under our noses.