On the STC Moonfleet sailing ship, Portland Harbour, Breakwaters close-up. Dolphins too! Tideforce

A great sailing experience on the tall ship Moonfleet, a restored 1930s sailing ship, now used for pleasure and training. See Portland Marina, harbour and the great Victorian Breakwaters. Weymouth Bay, and the east side of the isle of Portland. The intended destination was Portland Bill and the lighthouse, but worsening conditions prevented this. “Moonfleet is a steel hulled Gaff Cutter, a 1930s tall ship robustly built by the great seafaring people of Holland. During her early working life she would take cargo from Amsterdam to her neighbouring countries on The North Sea – possibly even Great Britain!

After her time carrying cargo, around the turn of the century she was given a major refit in Urk, a small fishing and shipbuilding town on Holland’s inland waterways. Here she was converted to be a Sail Training Vessel and operated as such from Amsterdam for the next decade. Following a minor refit at Mashford’s Shipyard on the River Tamar in Cornwall, Moonfleet is now based in Portland Harbour and will again be used for Sailing to introduce this classic skill to budding sailors of all ages and from all walks of life…”

Stuart Morris

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