Weymouth & Portland Action on Wages –


Open Conference

End poverty wages! Build affordable homes! Stop the cuts to schools & hospitals! 

Saturday 13 October, Safewise, Weymouth

  • No to poverty wages
  • For the Living Wage, equal pay for women and full rights at work
  • For affordable housing
  • Stop the cuts to schools and hospitals
  • MPs and councillors – do your job!

Why are wages in Weymouth & Portland the lowest in the UK? Why are our schools struggling and why, at a time of need, are hospitals and health services in W&P being cut again and again? Why does no one take responsibility? What can we do?

Wages – housing

Wages and living standards in South Dorset continue to decline. Despite years of talk – about development, business initiatives, the Olympic legacy – thousands of people in W&P struggle with poverty wages and insecure jobs. At the same time, housing costs rise relentlessly – the gap between local wages and the cost of housing is one of the biggest in the UK.

Young people face the prospect of insecure, seasonal employment, often on zero-hours contracts. Elderly people find that their services are being eroded and – the latest blow – that vital beds at Portland Community Hospital have been cut.


Our MPs and councils have failed to address these issues. They shift responsibility onto other bodies and agencies – and these, too, fail to tackle the real problems faced by thousands of people said to live in “forgotten towns”.

WeyPAW believes we can – we must – do better. We have called an open conference to discuss what lies behind these problems – and what policies we need to tackle them.

We have invited one of Britain’s leading experts on incomes and inequality, Professor Danny Dorling of Oxford University, to introduce discussion on the crisis in South Dorset. We have also invited Eva Herman of Manchester Universityto address the particular problems of women and low pay, and Nigel Costley of the South-West TUCto discuss issues of rights at work.

Local activists will address problems in our schools and in health and welfare services, and introduce ideas for policies that can make a difference.

This is an open public forum: all those attending will be invited to express their views. Admission is free – donations are welcome.

 WeyPAW Conference: Saturday 13 October, 12pm-4pm

Safewise, 481 Radipole Lane, Weymouth DT4 0QF (bus route 8)

 WeyPAW campaigns against poverty wages and to promote well-being in Weymouth & Portland

 see us on Facebook and at: www.weypaw.org.uk; contact WeyPAW at: [email protected]

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