Our National Insurance contributions are being used to pay off the national debt

According to the government:

You pay National Insurance contributions to qualify for certain benefits and the State Pension.

You pay National Insurance if you’re 16 or over and either:

  • an employee earning above £162 a week
  • self-employed and making a profit of £6,205 or more a year

Here is a breakdown of how the government spent it in 2012/13:

                                                                                                           £ Billions

                                                                                                PAYMENTS     INCOME

Basic State Pension (including Christmas bonus)79.321
Widows’/Bereavement benefits0.571
Incapacity Benefit2.591
Unemployment benefit & support3.463
Maternity allowance & guardians allowance0.373
Administrative costs & transfers4.693


Now read this from a Freedom of Information request:

Image may contain: text‘I did not give any government permission to use my pension to pay off debt they have accrued….’ (Patricia Scully)

The government is now using significant amounts of OUR contributions to pay of THEIR debt. Instead of improving the quality of the NHS it is privatising it by stealth. It could use OUR money to make it better but instead gives OUR money over to a faceless entity to pay off debts created by it’s unworkable ideology.

Not only that but instead of enabling people to rejoice in spending time with their families when they are older and slowing down, having worked for best part of 40 years, it increases our working time and starves our public pension funds by spending OUR money to pay off THEIR debts.

We are the victims of a MASSIVE con.

As ever was.

Douglas James