Boris Johnson is once again choosing to treat the coronavirus (COVID-19) breakout as something that holds no emergency. Speaking on ITV last week, Boris mentioned a ‘battle plan’ that could be deployed, which would “allow the disease…to move through the population”. A plan that was described as the nation simply taking the virus ‘on the chin’.

If the virus did simply sweep the nation without any preventable measures in place, we could be in a position worse than Italy. Italy failed to act promptlyand has led to 463 deaths and the toll continues to rise. The country is now in complete lockdown. Had they acted sooner this may have been avoidable. The fate of our country could be far worse if we do as Boris suggests and ‘take it on the chin’ with a British stiff upper lip. Why is Boris contemplating the execution of a ‘do nothing at all’ plan?

There’s only one reasonable answer to this question. Boris cares about Boris. His primary concern is not the lives that will inevitably be lost. It is all about keeping the economy moving. If we place the country under quarantine, you’ll see the economy slow significantly. Something that Boris undoubtedly wants to avoid. If the economy gets hit, so does his fortress, and so do the millionaires who invest into his tenure as PM. Simply allowing the virus to wipe out large amounts of the population is a risk Boris will happily take. No sacrifice is too big, as long as he and his investors pockets are protected.  

Davey Gray

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