Perfect Organic Food in the Dorset Area

‘Foodie’ culture is popular all over the world—especially in the UK. Whether you’re enjoying street food at the Brewery Square market or you like to experience new restaurants near the coastline, there are many ways to try out new foods in the Dorset area. But recently the organic movement is becoming more popularised, and there are many more offerings to eat organic foods in Dorset.

With organic produce in most UK grocery stores and at events like street festivals, there seems to be new naturalistic products arriving on the scene everyday. In order to be a part of the organic movement and understand the industry, here are two organic food trends that you should know:

·      Marketing to the millennial – Nearly half of all organic food buyers are millennials, who are used to eating organic products. Since millennials grew up with the option to choose natural or holistic foods, the demographic of organic eaters is mostly within that age range. This means that many organic distributors will target millennial in their marketing strategies.

·      Meal kit craze – One of the best parts about signing up for a meal kit is that it is delivered to your door. This way, you can always eat organic, fresh products on a daily basis, even while living in Dorset. Registering for an organic milk kit will allow you to receive organic products from elsewhere in the UK and will free you from sifting through the offerings at your own food store.

Knowing these two trends, it is clear that the organic food movement has already taken off, making it easy for consumers to integrate organic foods to their lives with the ease of meal kits and targeted foodie marketing strategies.

Jackie Edwards