Planning application submitted for Weymouth Seafront Lighting Scheme

A planning application for the proposed new artistic lighting scheme for Weymouth’s promenade has now been submitted.

Following approval by Weymouth & Portland’s Borough Councils Management Committee in August, the proposed artistic lighting scheme has been further developed by design studio Tonkin Liu and Weymouth & Portland Borough Council Engineers. Dorset Coast Forum, supported by Bounce Back Arts CIC, have made sure that the 500 comments received during the consultation period have been considered carefully, and incorporated where appropriate.

Nikki Parker-Goadsby , Dorset Coastal Connections Project Officer, said:

“The lighting scenes being submitted as part of the planning application highlight the design’s aim in illustrating Weymouth’s natural rhythms and create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The scheme’s gently moving colours produce bright, colourful light with minimal darkness, which is a direct result of the conversations we had with local people. People also told us how much they love the Victorian columns and there were concerns that this scheme would be out of character at Greenhill – we listened and have taken the Greenhill part of the prom out of the scheme.”

The planning process is the final formal opportunity for the community to share their views on the proposed scheme.

View the online application.

The application will be open for comment until 18 October 2018, after which it will be presented to the appropriate Planning Committee for a decision.

Cllr Richard Kosior, Weymouth & Portland Borough Councils Briefholder for Tourism, Culture and Harbour said:

“If approved, these lights are going to compliment the ambitious regeneration plans we have for Weymouth. We’re investing in cultural and artistic installations for the town to enhance the uniqueness of our beautiful seaside town. I will be looking forward to enjoying the experience of the new lighting scheme.”

The Weymouth Promenade Artistic Lighting Scheme is part of Dorset Coastal Connections, a portfolio of 18 connected projects which aim to improve physical, digital and emotional connections to the coast in Dorset, supporting and growing the local economy.

Dorset Coastal Connections is a partnership portfolio supported by the Coastal Communities Fund; Weymouth’s proposed artistic lighting scheme is 100 per cent funded by this grant.

For further information on this project and all the Dorset Coastal Connections portfolio see